Why Blog?

Well, it has been said that I like to get on my soap box and love to put the world to rights.

So, what better platform to do it than this?

Although, the real kickstart was a suggestion by a friend.  I’d taken part in a discussion on Radio 5 Live after emailing my opinion about the rising costs of childcare to the BBC (what can I say, I’m bored, I have time and it really winds me up that childcare is so expensive), and it gave me a bit of a buzz.  It was nice to have a proper adult conversation about something that mattered.

Well, obviously I can’t be emailing the BBC everyday in the hope of being on a radio show, so TheGingerUnicorn was born instead.

I’m not going to pretend that my posts will be witty, insightful or meaningful, but this is me.

Welcome to my life.


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