A New Tradition

Did you know Easter Trees are a thing?

Well, I’m not entirely sure they are anywhere else, but they definitely are here.

Our Easter Tree
Our Easter Tree

I was looking for something to build on the Big Little Man’s fine motor skills (parent’s evening feedback, gotta love a kick up the hoohaa), so thought we’d make some Easter decorations to build on this cute little door number I picked up in Home Sense (LOVE that shop).


So we started making Easter birds (a twist on a Christmas idea I’d noticed), doing lots of cutting and (trying) to colour in the lines.  And the Big Little Man loved it, ‘what next, Mummy?’ Well he normally has zero attention span so I hadn’t planned anything else…oops.

Easter Tree decorations in progress
Easter Tree decorations in progress

However, he’d really enjoyed pasta threading at school last week, so I got my big box of jewellery making beads (VERY dusty) out, but thought a needle and a four year old probably wasn’t the best combination, so improvised with garden wire.  And felt supremely smug with myself, I must admit.

I thought we’d just thread, tip off and thread again, but oh no, ‘Mummy, they’re beautiful, we can’t destroy them’.  That told me. And he was right. So here I was looking at birds and decorations, and it prompted a distant recollection of Easter Trees, from where, I’ve no idea.

So, we started working with purpose, and the Big Big Man was sent to fetch the blossom branches.

We also cut out coloured egg shapes and tied ribbon onto them, and used the decorations from his Easter bonnet to give the tree some egg-stra (forgive me) oomph.

It looks fantastic on our kitchen windowsill, and although a little cumbersome and messy (blossom everywhere), it’s definitely the beginning of a new tradition in our house.  A brilliant, inexpensive way to spend a rainy Saturday morning.

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