What Makes a Holiday

Now, I write this on the first ‘back to work/school’ day for most people (or at least those with kids) after the Easter Holidays. And those Easter Holidays are a bit odd, are they not, for those of us who are not practicing Christians? Yes there’s the Easter themed activities, egg-hunts galore, ridiculously high hopes for Summer to begin, endless chocolate, and that fantastic four day weekend. But, it’s still spring, it invariably rains and is more than a tad chilly, sometimes it can feel more of a stepping stone to summer than anything else. But, our Easter holidays were stupendous (yes, even in Wales). So, what makes a holiday? Apart from the name, obviously.

Now, I’ve not had an abroad holiday since August 2011 (Malta, in case you were interested). It was our first vacation since the Big Little Man arrived. It was a disaster and totally put us off travelling with a wee one. With hindsight, I’d classify it more as wake-up call:


(many people will beg to differ, and that’s fine; clearly they did not have the life I had before I became pregnant and gave birth – I could not do that way of living with children, social services would have intervened LONG ago.  Yes I am maybe being a tad dramatic, but that’s the gist).

So anyway, our ideas of what a holiday looks like have changed a lot over the years, from 18-30 Clubbing breaks in Kavos, 5* luxury in Mexico, Kenyan safari’s to cottages and caravans in Devon, Cornwall and Shropshire. But we have always enjoyed ourselves (apart from the one in Malta, that really was shit), maybe in different ways than before, but no less.

And nothing really brought it home to me quite like the previous two weeks. The weather wasn’t amazing, we didn’t travel to far and exciting places, we didn’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on new experiences (well, maybe once or twice).

But, what we DID do was spend wonderful time together, as a family and as a couple. And that is what makes a holiday.  Precious time where the priority is only yourselves.

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