What should a relationship be like?

Now, I know we are all different.  But there are some things I take as obvious in terms of acceptable behaviour.

The other day a friend gave me the excuse of ‘He’s a man’ for why her partner had exhibited some pretty shitty behaviour.

What the actual fuck?


I don’t know what’s worse; his behaviour, or the fact that she tries to justify it with ‘He’s a man’.  No shit Sherlock, he’s got a penis.  That does not excuse the way he acts.

I thought we had started to move on from this.  Obviously not.

I find it so frustrating to listen to this, because he is an adult, he has responsibilities, he is entirely capable, so why are you letting him not do what he should?

‘You are so lucky’ I get told by friends and family, why is it they think I am so lucky? Oh yes, because my husband cooks and washes up.


Well, considering I hate cooking (love baking, but we can’t be eating Victoria sponge for tea every night) and I do pretty much everything else around the house, I think that’s quite equal, even considering I’m technically a SAHM (I am in college three days a week, but let’s not start making excuses).

This is what works for us.  He doesn’t want to eat what I don’t want to cook. We’re both happy with it.

And I think that’s the crux of it, a relationship should be what those involved want it to be like.  And, I don’t mean do it, and then complain that you have to do it.  That’s not the point.

Everyone’s idea of fair or equal will always be different, but when it comes to relationships as long as both parties are happy then it’s not for those outside of them to judge.

But, ‘He’s a man’ is not good enough reason for letting someone behave like an overgrown toddler.

Especially when you know he’s acting like a wanker, and more importantly, you’re not happy about it.

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