Time Together

So, I like time alone. But time with me and my Big Big Man is also priceless, and happens far, far less.

It quite makes me chuckle (and roll my eyes) when I hear people talk about ‘date night’ every week, because I think they are maybe missing the point (or maybe it’s just my interpretation). Date night is rare, precious, quality time, out of the ordinary, an extra-special event.

It’s probably just me.

It’s exceptionally unusual for us to be able to go out on our own, which we don’t mind – we’re quite good at making an event at home. But it’s nice to completely escape and indulge ourselves in each other.

Which we did the other weekend, we went to a hotel, walked up Pen-y-Fan (highest peak in Southern Britain, dontcha know), had a 7-course taster menu, used the spa facilities, had a lie-in together. It was amazing. All the stuff we can’t do when the Little men are with us (or at least wouldn’t be able to enjoy as much).

This was the first time in 18 months that we could do this. Little Little Man was exclusively breast-fed for the first 11 months of his life (his choice, definitely not mine), so last year was out. And then trying to negotiate a willing babysitter and funds was tricky. But, you know what? It was like it had only been last month. We can still talk (and the children didn’t come up until about 4 hours in) easily, we still enjoy each other’s company (more so, when there’s no interruptions), we’re still happy.

We’re good.

Right now, I don’t think we really need ‘Date Nights’. I just think we need more sleep. But I certainly loved every minute of it.


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