The Book…

So apparently everyone ‘has a book in them’. And I’m starting to think it’s about time that mine was written.

A friend is planning to self-publish this summer, and asked me to proof-read her book, which has been such an interesting experience; it’s very rare you actually get to ask an author questions about characters and details you would like clarified. It’s also very rare that you get to give extremely blunt feedback that someone actually wants to hear. I’ve really enjoyed doing it (it’s also been a great reason to sit and read every night without feeling I have to justify it).

I LOVE reading – I always have done, I was the child who would sit in her room totally absorbed in fiction, so engrossed I never heard my mother screaming that it was tea-time. I used to try and read my book under the dinner table. And I’ve spent more nights reading books until sunrise than I have clubbing.

But just because I love it, and just because I know a good book from a bad one, doesn’t mean I’ll be any good at writing one. What if it’s absolute tosh?

I really shouldn’t let a little thing like self-doubt get in the way.

Like I talked myself into having a career change, maybe I just need to run with this. Though, I must be honest, there are other challenges that have never happened: I had the bright idea of deciding to run a marathon (I was 8 months pregnant and focusing on how to get my body back after the birth). I did start training (after I had the Little Little Man, I hasten to add)…then I realised that I fricking hate running, so that got shelved.

But…nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sometimes we all just need to push ourselves a bit, and not be afraid of the ‘what if’s’ and instead think of the ‘what if not’s’. Because, in complete honesty what is the worst that can happen? Not just with trying to write a book, but anything, life is too brief to wonder.

So this is my mission of just doing.

I’m determined to carry on embracing this new attitude. I like it a lot, and seriously, what is the worst that can happen? So very clichéd; but for a very good reason.


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