My Awesome Husband

This is going to be cheesy.

And he doesn’t read my blog, so I don’t have to worry about what he thinks of this.

But he is amazing. I don’t tell him enough, but he absolutely is.

I am his priority. He will always try to do what is best for me and our boys before anyone else gets a look-in.

He always does what’s right. Not necessarily, what he wants to do.

He puts toothpaste on my brush for me (because I am always late). He tries to remember how I like things done, and he tries to do them (curtains opened the night before, ready for the morning).

He cooks. He washes up. He puts dishes away. He brings me a cup of tea in bed every morning. He tells me I look beautiful when I would put Quasimodo to shame.

He expects and wants to look after our children equally. He doesn’t mind me going out, and wants me to enjoy myself. He buys me flowers because it’s a Tuesday.

He Is Awesome.

I take him for granted, this man that loves me, because he’s pretty much all I’ve ever known. And there’s days when that soggy towel left on the bed really bloody winds me up, or that he can never pick things up on his way up or down the stairs, and it really irritates me.

But I know that this is small-fry when I hear of what other people deal with….

Our relationship doesn’t get talked about (at least, I don’t think it does), because there are no dramas.

There’s not much to say, because it is all so natural and simple, and uncomplicated. Yes, we annoy each other and have days of being pissed off with one another. But we know it’s not going to last.

Why he is this lovely to me, I don’t know, I don’t think I deserve it. But I’m not going to question it; It’s worked this long, hopefully it will continue to do so.


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