Hey there, Creep

It is one thing to drop yourself in the shit (which is incredibly stupid), it is another thing to have someone else roll you around in it and parade you before those closest to you.

Yes. I have made a stupid mistake, but a mistake that would have sunk unnoticed into the abyss of stupid mistakes (and let’s face it, we’ve all committed our misdemeanours, ahem, some larger than others).

But, did I mean for it to be made common knowledge to those it would hurt the most?


And this, my wonderful reader, is my point.

It’s one thing to provide the ammunition (which was really stupid).

It’s something else entirely to aim and fire. To deliberately deliver that information to those who will suffer because of it (even though you should never have made that stupid mistake in the first place).

To cause heartache and rifts.


When a lot less hurt, a lot more understanding, fewer tears, drama and upset could have been achieved by a more pacifist manner. With a much calmer result for all parties involved.

There are people that shit, it happens (did I mention I was stupid?). And then there are people that spread shit, who do so, rubbing their hands together to watch what will grow.

Yes. I was wrong (and exceptionally stupid). I am sorry. And I mean that sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.

But, I, unlike you, never meant to hurt anyone.

Just one other thing…I am flattered/freaked out/concerned by your lack of a life intrigued by your interest in my social media pages.  Why you are creeping on me, I have no idea, but I hope it’s providing the satisfaction you are looking for.

And, yeah, I know. My previous post was all ‘look at me getting older and becoming more mature’.  Well.  Looks like I can still screw up spectacularly.  Because no one is infallible. No one.


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