House Work

Now, I don’t follow many blogs (I don’t have that level of commitment in me, please don’t take it personally), but the couple I do, also seem to have been on a prolonged blogging vacation this summer.

This summer has disappeared. We had wonderful family time in Turkey, which zapped the first two weeks of the school holidays, and since we’ve been back our house has been a bomb site.

This is the crux of where our time has gone this summer.

I mentioned before that one side of our house was attacked by dry rot (here) and whilst we were on holiday our builder called and asked if we wanted to knock down the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining area (he knows our long term plans better than us).

Now, when you’re sitting on a sun lounger in 38 degree heat, with a cocktail in your hand and the kids playing beautifully in the pool, it can seem like such a good idea.

Fast-forward 10 days when you get back home after being up 24 hours, and find every single surface of your home covered in thick black dust (I could write my name on the sofa); it seems like a pretty dumb decision.

Pitch forward another three weeks after a mountain of unforeseen complications…and it’s still not fucking finished.


A house in meltdown, upstairs and downstairs, stuck indoors with both kids because of the constant rain, and not able to get to any of your stuff because it’s in storage.


It’s been tricky.

But, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully, we will have our kitchen back tomorrow, we’ll still need to paint and sort, and clean and tidy, but it’s all about baby steps.

I’m optimistic that things will be back to normal by the end of next week.

And that I won’t have to eat any more food out of the microwave for a long time.

How people do total house renovations with small children I have no idea. People who live in building sites for months and even years make me feel nauseous, HOW do you do it?

I can’t wait to have our shiny new(ish) kitchen/diner; we’re self-constructing an island, changing the worktops (end-of-line clearance – £15 each – wow!), painting the units and spraying the handles, ripping up the floor, and obviously painting the walls as well.

And this is why we said ‘yes’.

Some people love to go drinking, some people love to eat out, some people follow fashion religiously, some people have crazy hobbies, some people travel all over the world.

I have my house and garden; right now this is my passion. Don’t get me wrong, I like all the other stuff too, but I’m in a financial ‘’situation’’ that means I have to choose. And I choose home. We may not have any savings left (and yes, I am totally bricking it that the boiler is going to blow any moment now). But my house is getting to where I want it.  Hopefully there’ll be some lovely photos on my Instagram some time very soon.

Next on the agenda a log burner….in about four years.

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