What to Wear on the School Run

This time of year really annoys me, all of a sudden there’s a glut of articles and blog posts about ‘What to wear on the school run’.


Now, I know that some people are fashion conscious and like to look nice. I am one of them. I would hate to think that I look like a mess and my outfit is uncoordinated. However…shhh…sometimes it happens. And trust me, I see other parents in the same situation.

There are mornings when you wake up late (you know when your children actually sleep in until a decent time and then you curse them for not waking you up sooner), when everything goes wrong; your toddler will not open his mouth to have his teeth cleaned, you have to ask your little one five hundred times to get dressed, the kids throw their cereal everywhere apart from into their mouths. Those mornings I am grateful to get the Big Little Man to school on time, regardless of whether my outfit matches or I have make-up on.

One notable time shortly after the Little Little Man was born I did the school run in my pajamas (it was leggings), I mean I walked him to school like that. And I hadn’t cleaned my teeth. Did the sky cave in? Did I feel less of a person? Did everyone judge me? Well, no, no and I don’t care.

I think by putting these articles out there we are just raising the bar for women again, why make it an issue? Why give us something else to panic about in the madness that is the morning rush? Just wear what you goddamn want too, and anyone who judges you on it is not worth talking too, there will clearly be no solidarity there. I’ve never felt critical eyes pass over me, and even if I did, I really wouldn’t care.

We all have bad days. We all have good days. We all have days where we might go back to bed after we drop the kids at school.

Now, I must confess that before I had children I used to look at families, and see mothers dressed in, say, walking sandals, cropped wide-leg trousers and maybe a fleece, and I used to shudder and whisper to my husband ‘Don’t EVER let me do that’.

Well. I still wouldn’t wear that kind of outfit, but I no longer judge. I just think, that’s what you’re comfortable in and who am I to say whether that’s good or bad. And I regularly find myself getting my outfit wrong, there comes a day when I think ‘I’m fed up of being practical, I’m going to look nice’ and then I end up getting mud on my shoes (should have worn wellies) and that 40 minutes doing my hair was wasted because the damp air has turned it into a frizzball, and it all just seems like a waste of time and effort. Then, I’ll have a day of ‘Right, no point dressing up, we’re only going to the beach’ and I’ll be there feeling like a total scruffbag looking at glamorous mums thinking ‘I should have made more effort’.

…but then maybe they’re looking at me thinking ‘I should have been more practical’.

Who knows.

But let’s not make any of our lives harder by setting a standard, let’s just be us.

Question: What to wear on the school run?

Answer: Clothes. Always clothes. Even if they happen to be pajamas.


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