Social Media…why??

What’s with this need we have for social media?

Why do I feel the need to tell my life through photos on Instagram?

This blog is to get my opinion out there (where, exactly, I don’t know).

But why?

Who cares? Am I looking for validation? Am I anticipating a response from someone?

Am I trying to get a message across to those I don’t personally communicate with anymore?

Am I sending a message in the hope it gets read by the right person?

How can we ever predict another person’s reaction…we can’t, not really…so are we just setting ourselves up for disappointment? Who says if we are valid and worthy, if our comments are witty, our photos artistic, our opinion justified or our style on trend?

I am who I am.

And I’m telling you because I can.

I don’t hide anything here, I’m pretty honest about my shortcomings (this, and this, and definitely this), so this isn’t idealistic. I’m not just painting a pretty picture. I love writing, I love words and I love to express myself.

I’m not looking for validation, I’m not looking to elicit a response when I write.

And although I don’t write specifically for anyone, there are people who I hope read this, people who I hope are interested enough to want to read what I write, I hope it finds people who can relate, and maybe offer a feeling of ‘I am not alone’ (like the Brutal Mother piece), or give an idea of what to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Easter Trees, anyone? Or perhaps offer a different perspective on Feminism.

I write for myself. I post photos as a visual diary. I tweet things I find funny, or offer an insight into my day to day.

I don’t need anyone else, but I’m fairly certain that no one uses social media and hopes to be ignored. It’s an interaction. An invitation to stimulation. And we all need communication, in whatever form it may take.

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