Definitely NOT Resolutions

I did actually write this way back when in January, but my limited access to WiFi means it is only now getting published. So far, kind of so good.

Now, I’m not a big one for resolutions, invariably because if I want to do something I don’t wait until the beginning of a new year. And usually I have been far too busy doing brilliantly fun stuff (eating/drinking/wrapping presents/crafting) throughout December to have time to contemplate what I want to do in January.

And January. Smh. I always try to go ‘Dry’ because of aforementioned over-indulgence (I think my liver deserves to recover), it’s usually always pretty darn chilly, the nights are still long, my husband gets January blues every.single.year and does anyone else trick themselves every year, that somehow after Christmas is the end of winter? And obviously it’s really not. In short, January usually sucks. It’s deepest, darkest winter without Christmas to look forward too.

So, this is why I don’t do resolutions. Far too much pressure in a hostile environment.

However, this year I have Plans.

Now, Plans are different to resolutions.

Plans are intentions and hopes. It doesn’t matter if they don’t happen. It is just a little wishlist for 2016.

And I’m only doing Plans because I’m a list-writer. And as I have mentioned previously, I like to get my shit in a can and know what the heck is going on, I need priorities and focus like a ginger needs sunblock.

Absolutely not resolutions.

  1. Running

As a Christmas present (yes, seriously) I have been entered into a half marathon. 13.1 miles. Hmm.

  1. Writing

My poor old blog only gets sporadic attention, usually when I have something to rant about. And I have two half (maybe quarter) written novels lurking on my flash drive. But I LOVE to write. So writing is a focus.

  1. Effort

This is a general wishy-washy one. But I think I could apply more effort to many areas of my life and reap bigger rewards. Whether it be to get dressed by 9am on weekends (unlikely, but would definitely make me more productive), or to make more effort with friends, or even, to consciously make the effort to not bother so much. And of course it can be applied to No. 1 & 2.

There’s other stuff I need to do, like eBay the entire contents of my spare room, sort out the garden sheds and hopefully find some sort of a job. But that’s just normal stuff. Stuff that I would do anyway. My Plans are the things that it’s going to take some real desire to do.

Not that it matters if I don’t do them. They’re not resolutions.

I’ll just delete this post and boom, they never even existed.

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