Lessons Learnt


A bit of reflection is inevitable isn’t it?

It helps us to clarify what makes us happy, what our faults are and what we can do differently (or keep doing the same).

It’s something we’re forced to do at work, in appraisals, and in follow-up meetings. But what about in our day to day lives? We’re probably all guilty of the drunken reflection. Or the reflection after the drunken night.

And there’s some stuff we obsessively reflect on. Relationships. Cross words. Inept emails. Tempers. Betrayals.

But. Do we reflect effectively?

Focus too much on some things and not on others?

Well, I suppose we think about the things that have affected us the most, so they will always be the right things.

These are the lessons that I learnt in 2015…

  • One haircut a year is not enough
  • Good patches of luck invariably end
  • Builders lie
  • I may not love exercise, but I LOVE what exercise does to my body
  • Alcohol is no longer my friend. It dumped me for a teenager who can recover the next day
  • Some friendships just die
  • Some friendships become stronger and more valuable than I would have ever thought
  • Just because I think I am anonymous on social media doesn’t mean that I am
  • Some people are just spiteful
  • That I still haven’t learned to think before I speak/tweet/breathe
  • I’ve tried to be but…I am not cool with ageing. Laughter lines and grey hairs. Yeouch.
  • That having a decent husband is a rare thing
  • I quite like cooking
  • That if you are hurting because of another person, they are likely to be hurting too
  • Creeps are everywhere
  • It’s ok if you can’t let something go. Sometimes there are things you just need to do. Even if it makes no sense to anyone, least of all yourself
  • Being shocked is not always bad
  • Being a parent will never get easier, but it will always be rewarding
  • Sugar addiction is a thing. It’s REAL
  • Don’t EVER try and go cold turkey on caffeine, it WILL kill you

I am sure there are many other things that I could have learnt, or maybe things I learnt without realising (subliminal lessons, maybe?), but these are the ones I am actively conscious of. I’m not convinced they are the result of effective reflections, but they are certainly a mixed bag of what I learnt in 2015.



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