My Mojo

I wrote a post last year, back in September, about how I was trying to focus and actively involve myself to stop feeling so damn grumpy.

I don’t like to be smug here, people, but it worked.

I don’t mean that anyone can talk themselves out of misery. But I did manage to hit the nail on the head about what was getting me down, and the decisions I made had a hugely positive impact on turning things around.

Particularly the exercise/eating thing. I don’t suppose I should be surprised that what you do to your body will affect your mind, but I found it made an incredible difference.

Not feeling sluggish and bloated all the time will inevitably make you feel better; it’s logical really.

There are still some things on that list I need to work on – putting my phone down is definitely up there as a priority, along with writing more consistently.


2 thoughts on “My Mojo

    1. I think sometimes it’s about those baby steps, because they all accumulate. And taking control of the things you can effect is so much more productive than worrying about the things you can’t. Thanks for reading 😊


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