Can a Feminist be a SAHM?

Can a SAHM be a feminist?


Are there feminists out there who think you can’t be a feminist and a SAHM?


Let’s get this straight. Feminism is about promoting women’s rights to achieve equality.

Equal pay. Equal opportunities. Equality.

It is not about making women superior. A misconception which damages the feminist cause by antagonising people, who subsequently reject feminism.

I’ll say it again. It’s about equality.

And within equality comes freedom of choice.

Which means that if I so choose to be Stepford wife, cooking, cleaning and ironing my husband’s shirts, it is exactly that, my choice (I don’t by the way).

Yes, feminism has fought for us to be able to do all the things men can do, which is exactly as it should be; it means I can do what the fuck I like because I am not restricted by anyone else telling me what a woman can or cannot do.

But if I want to emulate 1950s housewife; that’s my choice (I really don’t, this is just an extreme example).

And obviously it works the other way; it allows men the choice to stay at home whereas previously there was the expectation that they would be the breadwinner.

Feminism is absolutely NOT other people, especially other women (where’s the sisterhood, ladies?) dictating what another woman should enjoy, or how they should live their lives.

I’m a stay at home Mum because it is the best, and most practical, decision for my family. My husband listens to me and supports me. He knows better than to expect anything. We are a team; each happy with our workload. We are equal.

So if I was a woman who went out to work full time, would that be more feminist? To go out to work all day, still doing the majority of the childcare not to mention most of the housework, and believe that it was expected of me, and is what I should do. Maybe unhappy, but not complaining, because it is a woman’s ‘job’ to look after her partner and children?

I would say NOT a feminist, because I would have expected a feminist to demand a bit more equality.

Your working status does not dictate your politics. We all know enough about politics to agree on that.

So don’t tell me I am not a feminist because I’m a stay at home mum.

Feminism is the freedom to make the choice.



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