Running Weirds

So I‘ve been on my running journey for about eight months now. Some weeks are better than others. I have definitely made progress; I can manage 7 miles now (whoop), and I haven’t been pushing myself as hard as I could, so I’m optimistic about what I may be able to achieve.

But I’ve figured out some strange things about running, some which would never have crossed my mind, others are damn obvious, but which I just didn’t think of before I started…

  • Running in the rain is enjoyable (though not if you put face cream on before you leave, yeuch, tastes disgusting).
  • Running with the wind against you is quite possibly the most unpleasant experience; it’s hard, hard work, you can’t catch your breath and it always makes me feel like I need a wee.
  • Your shoelace coming undone is up there as a DISASTER.
  • Cars pulling out of/into junctions are incredibly annoying.
  • Some blithering idiots don’t look before they step out of their houses and onto the path, then they look at you like you were in the wrong. Really?!
  • What, exactly, do people get out of shouting at you randomly from car windows? What are they hoping to achieve? I have absolutely no idea.
  • Some people, when walking down the street side by side, expect you to run INTO THE ROAD. Like, because you’re running they don’t need to do the sensible thing and go single file.
  • Even better, when they have a dog and expect you to run into the road. No. Just no.
  • When people stop what they are doing and stare at you, and watch you running. Why? It’s so damn freaky!
  • That much as it can be hard to go for a run when it’s cold, you actually appreciate it after a bit because you’re so hot and sweaty.
  • The endorphin rush at the end is incredible.
  • That sometimes you run further than you planned, just because you can.
  • That sometimes you can’t even run a tiny distance, and wonder what on earth is going on.
  • That you get a butt. I’m no Kim Kardashian, but my derriere is looking the plumpest (in a good way) it ever has.
  • That you might start swearing at the lie of the land ‘fucking, stupid, bloody idiotic hill, why the pissing hell are you here for anyway’.
  • The sense of achievement each time you run further or faster.
  • That so many people think they can’t run, ‘oh, I couldn’t do that…’ sure you could, I couldn’t do it last year either.
  • That timing a run a with a hair wash day is, for me, a priority.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some. Have you discovered any running weirds? I can’t be alone!


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