The Deliberation of Brexit

I am not a political commentator. I don’t know endless facts.

I don’t know any facts (thanks to spin and manipulation, no-one does).

I can’t give you any hard and fast concrete reasons, for doing one thing or the other.

I can listen to either side and see their points.

I don’t like the figureheads for either campaign, Boris and Nigel make me want to strangle the arrogance out of them; David and George have together managed to bring this country to its knees financially whilst not actually resolving our debt issues.

So, I am not following an individual.

The divisions across individual parties (except UKIP), shows this is not a decision dictated by political allegiance, left or right.

This is about immigration.

In one way, this is positive. Because, at the end of this referendum, UKIP will no longer have a unique selling point. Either way, UKIP’s primary fighting point will no longer be relevant; the decision already made.

There are many people who will take into account all factors when making their decision.

Then there are the people who consider immigration to be the sole issue at the heart of all the UK’s problems.

And those people, will undeniably be voting to Leave.

I don’t think immigration is the root of all evil.

I think bad parenting, a dependence on benefits, a blame culture, limits to education and corrupt councils and politicians have a lot more to answer for than people who move here hoping for a better life.

Immigration appears to be the one theme that is consistent with those voting Leave.

I just don’t think it is a good enough reason.

I don’t believe the UK will be better off if we Leave.

I don’t think the EU is a well-run organisation.

I think the EU is run in a very dubious way.

I would like to know what would definitely happen if we Leave. But no-one does.

This is my big sticking point. To vote Leave is a lottery. We could be winners, we could equally well be losers.

Right now, my thoughts are for safeguarding the future of my country for my children, and in this instance I would rather the devil I know.

Not the most profound, or well-reasoned approach, granted. But this is what it will come down to for most people; their gut instinct, their opinion; whatever it may be based on.

The beauty and peril of a free country; putting our future in our own hands.


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