We Are NOT All Equal

A couple of weekends ago I went to Pride in Cardiff. Not because I am gay, but to encourage and be supportive to a recently come-out friend. And I’m ashamed to say I was shocked (I really shouldn’t have been). I was shocked at the reactions. One person screeched at me ‘BUT YOU’RE NOT GAY!’ […]

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Easter Fun at Home in the Rhondda

What made our Easter holidays just so stupendous? (Apart from the incomparable company, of course) Well, we were busy. Not every minute of every day, but generally so. We had visitors and Easter-tree activities the first weekend and then the Big Big Man had a week off. Sweeeeet. This is when it really becomes a […]

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My Selfish Day

I found myself in a strange situation on Saturday. I was walking from Cardiff Queen Street station towards H&M, not a long walk by any stretch of the imagination, maybe 200 metres, and I had free arms. Now, by this I mean FREE. Relaxed, released, escaping arms. It was weird. Completely freaked me out. What […]

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