Return to Work

Now, ‘Return to Work’ used to be an interview I did with each colleague after a period of absence, to make sure they were fit to return to work and that there were no underlying problems. If only my ‘Return to Work’ were so straightforward. I had NO IDEA how difficult it would be to return to […]

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The Deliberation of Brexit

I am not a political commentator. I don’t know endless facts. I don’t know any facts (thanks to spin and manipulation, no-one does). I can’t give you any hard and fast concrete reasons, for doing one thing or the other. I can listen to either side and see their points. I don’t like the figureheads […]

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What About ME?

I think I’m ready to go back to work…or at least do some kind of work. I never planned to be a SAHM, it’s just kind of how it went, and I’ve done it for 2 ½ years now. I think I’ve had enough. I’m a bit bored. I’m not really a Mumsy-Mum. I miss […]

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The Martyr Mother

Everyone is familiar with the Martyr Mummy; the ones who do everything for their kids. Who put them first. Who go without so that their kids can benefit. Who believe that their children are the number one priority in everything. Oh no. Sorry. That’s most mothers. I think most normal (if such a word is […]

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The Joys of Siblings

  I was desperate for my second baby. I couldn’t wait to get pregnant and enjoy all that squashy babyness. Everyone told me that a three year age gap between my children was a ‘good one’. It was at first. I could just sit and feed the baby whilst I talked to and played with […]

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