Can a Feminist be a SAHM?

Can a SAHM be a feminist? Yes. Are there feminists out there who think you can’t be a feminist and a SAHM? Yes. Let’s get this straight. Feminism is about promoting women’s rights to achieve equality. Equal pay. Equal opportunities. Equality. It is not about making women superior. A misconception which damages the feminist cause […]

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That Time I Got Discriminated Against

So, we know women get routinely discriminated against. Because they have no penis.   Obviously, that organ is also necessary to get paid more too. Because you can’t think properly unless you have a winky (though, arguably, winky’s have possibly been responsible for some of the worst thought-out ideas ever). I’ve gotten side-tracked already. I had […]

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The Taboo of PMT

Further down the page is something I wrote a month ago. I debated whether to put it up, but then I gave myself an harsh talking too. I know I am not the only female who suffers every month, but this is still taboo, I think. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place: […]

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