Return to Work

Now, ‘Return to Work’ used to be an interview I did with each colleague after a period of absence, to make sure they were fit to return to work and that there were no underlying problems. If only my ‘Return to Work’ were so straightforward. I had NO IDEA how difficult it would be to return to […]

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Moving in the Right Direction

Right. I’ve had enough of moaning to my husband. I’ve had enough of staring at my phone like it’s going to tell me the answers. I’ve had enough of being miserable. I’ve dwelled enough. I’ve teetered on the brink of depression again, and there is no way I’m falling into that cess pit again. I’m […]

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The Book…

So apparently everyone ‘has a book in them’. And I’m starting to think it’s about time that mine was written. A friend is planning to self-publish this summer, and asked me to proof-read her book, which has been such an interesting experience; it’s very rare you actually get to ask an author questions about characters […]

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