What About ME?

I think I’m ready to go back to work…or at least do some kind of work. I never planned to be a SAHM, it’s just kind of how it went, and I’ve done it for 2 ½ years now. I think I’ve had enough. I’m a bit bored. I’m not really a Mumsy-Mum. I miss […]

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The Martyr Mother

Everyone is familiar with the Martyr Mummy; the ones who do everything for their kids. Who put them first. Who go without so that their kids can benefit. Who believe that their children are the number one priority in everything. Oh no. Sorry. That’s most mothers. I think most normal (if such a word is […]

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Finding my Groove

  I went through a bit of a weird patch after I had The Big Little Man. I really struggled to find my groove. Who was I? What did I like to do? A lot of that was to do with PND, but on the most shallow side of it, was what I was wearing. […]

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The Joys of Siblings

  I was desperate for my second baby. I couldn’t wait to get pregnant and enjoy all that squashy babyness. Everyone told me that a three year age gap between my children was a ‘good one’. It was at first. I could just sit and feed the baby whilst I talked to and played with […]

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The Unexpected Ginger Baby

So, what do you do when your baby is born with a head full of ginger hair when neither you, nor your partner is ginger, and you weren’t expecting it? You might have even joked about the possibility when you were pregnant, then dismissed it with a snigger. But now, you’re looking at your baby […]

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