The Martyr Mother

Everyone is familiar with the Martyr Mummy; the ones who do everything for their kids. Who put them first. Who go without so that their kids can benefit. Who believe that their children are the number one priority in everything. Oh no. Sorry. That’s most mothers. I think most normal (if such a word is […]

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Too Posh to Clean?

I heard something on TV very briefly the other week about it being ‘common’ (what a word) to obsessively keep your house clean. I suppose this stems from the days of the lower classes being ‘the help’ and then maintaining those standards at home, along with the sampler phrases of ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’. […]

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White Lies

Is it always wrong to tell a lie? I remember when I was growing up that my Mum said sometimes it was ok to tell a ‘white’ lie, you know, the one where you tell a lie to be polite, like saying dinner at a friend’s house was delicious, when in fact you would have […]

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Follow for a Follow?

Follow for a Follow? Not Here I can’t be the only one who finds it awkward when I get requested on social media by someone who I feel obligated to accept, or ‘follow back’? It was part of the reason I deleted the Facebook app – because I found myself submerged in the stories of […]

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Word Power

There’s a quote by Maya Angelou, (who I love, her poems are both so empowering and humbling it’s hard to know who couldn’t) about not remembering what people say, but remembering how people made you feel. On this, I sort of disagree. There are occasions I absolutely remember how I felt, because I can remember exactly what was said. Age […]

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