That Time I Got Discriminated Against

So, we know women get routinely discriminated against. Because they have no penis.   Obviously, that organ is also necessary to get paid more too. Because you can’t think properly unless you have a winky (though, arguably, winky’s have possibly been responsible for some of the worst thought-out ideas ever). I’ve gotten side-tracked already. I had […]

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Social Media…why??

What’s with this need we have for social media? Why do I feel the need to tell my life through photos on Instagram? This blog is to get my opinion out there (where, exactly, I don’t know). But why? Who cares? Am I looking for validation? Am I anticipating a response from someone? Am I […]

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We Are NOT All Equal

A couple of weekends ago I went to Pride in Cardiff. Not because I am gay, but to encourage and be supportive to a recently come-out friend. And I’m ashamed to say I was shocked (I really shouldn’t have been). I was shocked at the reactions. One person screeched at me ‘BUT YOU’RE NOT GAY!’ […]

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