Facade or Fakery?

  Our personas are so controlled on social media, we can truly present the best, most glamorous, funniest side of ourselves. Is it wrong? Does it matter? I recently met someone who I had only seen on social media. On a normal day, without the perfectly coiffed hair and precision applied make-up, and the flattering […]

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Follow for a Follow?

Follow for a Follow? Not Here I can’t be the only one who finds it awkward when I get requested on social media by someone who I feel obligated to accept, or ‘follow back’? It was part of the reason I deleted the Facebook app – because I found myself submerged in the stories of […]

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Goodbye Facebook

I have deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I have not logged in for over three weeks. And I do not intend on doing so anytime soon. I’d been debating it a while. I couldn’t do it to myself anymore. Out of nothing more than habit, scrolling through the minutiae of other people’s lives. […]

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