The Deliberation of Brexit

I am not a political commentator. I don’t know endless facts. I don’t know any facts (thanks to spin and manipulation, no-one does). I can’t give you any hard and fast concrete reasons, for doing one thing or the other. I can listen to either side and see their points. I don’t like the figureheads […]

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The Unexpected Ginger Baby

So, what do you do when your baby is born with a head full of ginger hair when neither you, nor your partner is ginger, and you weren’t expecting it? You might have even joked about the possibility when you were pregnant, then dismissed it with a snigger. But now, you’re looking at your baby […]

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We Are NOT All Equal

A couple of weekends ago I went to Pride in Cardiff. Not because I am gay, but to encourage and be supportive to a recently come-out friend. And I’m ashamed to say I was shocked (I really shouldn’t have been). I was shocked at the reactions. One person screeched at me ‘BUT YOU’RE NOT GAY!’ […]

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Wising Up

I’ve been pondering a lot about age and maturing ever since I turned 30 last year. I didn’t want it to be significant, and I certainly didn’t want it to become a turning point for worrying about getting old. But I have definitely become more age conscious. The odd grey hair I found when I […]

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