What should a relationship be like?

Now, I know we are all different.  But there are some things I take as obvious in terms of acceptable behaviour. The other day a friend gave me the excuse of ‘He’s a man’ for why her partner had exhibited some pretty shitty behaviour. What the actual fuck? Seriously?? I don’t know what’s worse; his behaviour, […]

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Friendship as an Adult

I don’t have a best friend whom I speak with all the time and see regularly. I haven’t had one since high school. But I know people who talk about their ‘best friend’, women and men in their thirties and later. For a while I thought I was the odd one out, that maybe there […]

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Talking Posh

Apparently I talk posh. Well, this is somewhat subjective to the listener, but for the majority of the time, this is something most people agree on. Only, I generally never find this out until I have known people a while, and it still surprises me now at the age of 30. I should have gotten […]

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A New Tradition

Did you know Easter Trees are a thing? Well, I’m not entirely sure they are anywhere else, but they definitely are here. I was looking for something to build on the Big Little Man’s fine motor skills (parent’s evening feedback, gotta love a kick up the hoohaa), so thought we’d make some Easter decorations to build […]

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Why Blog?

Well, it has been said that I like to get on my soap box and love to put the world to rights. So, what better platform to do it than this? Although, the real kickstart was a suggestion by a friend.  I’d taken part in a discussion on Radio 5 Live after emailing my opinion about […]

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