Hey there. I’ve not posted anything forEVER, and this is an off-the-cuff thing.  Normally I write my posts, then edit them.  Leave them for a few hours or days, and then re-edit.  Tweaking.  And even then I still get typos, so goodness only knows how this one will turn out… So.  I seem to have […]

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It’s a wonderful thing, acceptance. When we can accept we can progress. When we’re caught up in the maelstrom of anger and denial and indecision we can’t think straight. We flit between decisions chaotically. We see bad in good and struggle to appreciate anything positive. It is hard work, confusing and difficult. Not only for […]

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The Book…

So apparently everyone ‘has a book in them’. And I’m starting to think it’s about time that mine was written. A friend is planning to self-publish this summer, and asked me to proof-read her book, which has been such an interesting experience; it’s very rare you actually get to ask an author questions about characters […]

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