Hey there. I’ve not posted anything forEVER, and this is an off-the-cuff thing.  Normally I write my posts, then edit them.  Leave them for a few hours or days, and then re-edit.  Tweaking.  And even then I still get typos, so goodness only knows how this one will turn out… So.  I seem to have… Read More Scared

Too Posh to Clean?

I heard something on TV very briefly the other week about it being ‘common’ (what a word) to obsessively keep your house clean. I suppose this stems from the days of the lower classes being ‘the help’ and then maintaining those standards at home, along with the sampler phrases of ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’.… Read More Too Posh to Clean?


It’s a wonderful thing, acceptance. When we can accept we can progress. When we’re caught up in the maelstrom of anger and denial and indecision we can’t think straight. We flit between decisions chaotically. We see bad in good and struggle to appreciate anything positive. It is hard work, confusing and difficult. Not only for… Read More Acceptance

When Life (in this case, mushrooms) gets in the way of Plans

Now, I have made rather a large hullabaloo (love that word) about giving up work, doing an Access course and returning to university in September, in order to achieve the lifestyle that I want for myself and my family. Hmmm. But what happens when your lovely turn of the century house becomes riddled with dry-bloody-rot?  (Incidentally, I’ve now… Read More When Life (in this case, mushrooms) gets in the way of Plans