Running Weirds

So I‘ve been on my running journey for about eight months now. Some weeks are better than others. I have definitely made progress; I can manage 7 miles now (whoop), and I haven’t been pushing myself as hard as I could, so I’m optimistic about what I may be able to achieve. But I’ve figured […]

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Making a Summer Body in Winter

This is something I remember reading last May, and thinking ‘Damn’. Because it is absolutely true, if you start panicking about your body a month before your holiday there is very little you can do. We spent two weeks in Turkey, it was blissful. And I wore a bikini. I didn’t look particularly amazing in […]

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The Book…

So apparently everyone ‘has a book in them’. And I’m starting to think it’s about time that mine was written. A friend is planning to self-publish this summer, and asked me to proof-read her book, which has been such an interesting experience; it’s very rare you actually get to ask an author questions about characters […]

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